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Engine running with exhaust!

For those of you who doubted it could be done, here is a short video of my V12 running on all twelve cylinders using the OEM computer systems. The exhaust is not fully sealed yet, and the engine management system has not 'learnt' the engine parameters as of yet. It sounds pretty good all the same!

Click on the image or the link to view the film.

Stoneleigh 2007

Stoneleigh this year was when I was supposed to be unveiling the car. Unfortunately the delays and disruption I have incurred this year meant this wasnt to be.
Even though I wasnt bringing a car, and had no need to attend to pick up parts, wild horses could not keep me away. Its a wonderful opportunity to talk with other builders, view the manufacturer cars and drink a lot of beer.

Heres our club stand again with some of the other lamboreplica members before the drinking really began.

Turn out of cars this year was not all that was hoped. There was supposed to be six cars on our stand. Three builders including myself, two turn keys and a car from last year. Unfortunately we only ended up with one turn-key.

If you have looked at the process I took in building up my dashboard, you might recognize this dashboard. After I made my dashboard, I sold the moulds to recover the cost of the materials.

I had initially offered the moulds to Naz at PD. But he already had a 6.0 dashboard in the works so he declined. It was eventually purchased by a company who are building a Diablo replica based on a Toyota MR2. Despite initial misgivings about this approach, the car was not half bad. Dimensionally there are problems and the quarter light are wrong, but the doors were a very good fit.

The dashboard has been reworked from my initial moulds to suit this car, and has had the demist vents put it which I still have to do with mine.

Stoneleigh 2006

Stoneleigh is perhaps the largest kit car show in the world. Unfortunately the weather reports seemed to scare many away. The Lamboreplica group still maintained a presence, but with only two cars. This picture shows myself, Nathan and Andrew seated in front of Nathans very fine looking Diablo.

Gary and Nathan bought their cars to the show, we would have liked to have as many as at Stoneleigh last year, but sadly this was not to be.

Here we see Chris, maintaining a steady vigil over the club stand. Chris organises the lamboreplica stand and without him we would have had nowhere to congregate.

Here I look confused for reasons best only known to myself. The club BBQ is pictured in the foreground making sausage based fuel for long discussions about building replicas.

This was the extent of the club stand this year. High winds, rain and hail all managed to keep the number of interested people in the manufacturer halls or at home. Gary's car is pictured in the foreground. Its a HCC Diablo Roadster, and has an interior trimmed to an exceptionally high standard.

Video of the Parallel Designs V12 Diablochassis being run up in the main hall (Warning 30MB mpeg)
Video of the Parallel Designs V6 Miura being run up in the main hall (Warning 6MB mpeg)




Stoneleigh 2005

Some pictures of the various stands at the national kit car show

The Parallel designs stand had two cars on display at stoneleigh. This is their Diablo 6.0 VT. Which is the body shape I hope to build, just in yellow.

This particular car spun round on some sort of turntable whilst a smoke machine operated. Very dramatic, and certainly more effective than most of the other stands.

Also on display was Parallel's implementation of the BMW V12. Here it can be seen nestling inside a Lamborghini Miura. The suspension components are not the correct type and are from a Diablo chassis, they are merely fitted for show.

You can see the aftermarket throttle bodies here. Note the highly polished inlet manifolds and plenum chamber. Very pretty, but took ten solid days of work to achieve... stand
A good display of several different types of replica here, met some of the members too...

Nice lineup of several different types of Diablo. Present were examples from Parallel Designs and HCC, plus a countach too.

Below are pictures of the cars themselves...

This is a little radio controlled car I picked up from a petrol station for sixteen quid. Its a Lamborghini Murcielago scale model. Not a diablo but for this money who can fault that.
It has forward, reverse and turn controls. Another neat little feature is that you can make the doors open and shut with a little button on the transmitter. It has headlights and brake lights depending on what direction its going in. The headlights are bluish white LEDs so they even look a little like small HID's.

Heres the big day where the car drives from my workshop for the last time on its way to the paintshop. Getting it on the truck was a little bit of an adventure involving bits of wood and careful driving. The car was loaded entirely under its own power, the winch on the pickup truck was only used to hold the car in position on the ramp until it was strapped down and secured with ratchet straps.

I followed behind the truck in my own car on its way to the paintshop, ensuring nothing flew off as we went along. I was suprised at how 'bouncy' the car seemed to be on its journey so I would imagine I have the shock absorbers set too soft.

My work on the car is drawing to a close now, the painting and much of the trimming is now being completed by third parties. It will seem strange to have my weekends and evenings free again...