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Current progress

4 & 5th May
Displayed the finished article on the Parallel Designs stand. I had intended to show the car at the Lambo Replica club stand but due to circumstances beyond our control we ended up in a place more suited to off-roaders than low to the ground sports cars. Pictures of the finished car and the full story can be found here in the SVA section for want of a better place.

3rd May
Spent the previous night at my mother-in laws in London before returning to Parallel Designs to load the car and begin the long trip to the Stoneleigh kit car show.

2nd May
Loaded the car onto a special trailer and took the car down to Parallel Designs to be checked out and have the windscreen installed.

1st May
Today was the last day to finish all the little outstanding jobs that needed to be done. I was in the workshop till almost midnight getting the car ready.

29th April
Last dashboard job is to fit the AC control panel which I completed today. I now need to clean the interior thoroughly as testing the heater out had pushed a lot of dust around. Picture in the electrical section.

28th April
Installed the side trim panels that cover over access panels for the door latch receivers and fixed the centre console courtesy light and seat belt retractor housing. This part is easily removeable to inspect the seat belt reels. Also took a picture of the gear shift gate. Picture in the interior section.

27th April
Spent all day on the sewing machine and covered both doors cards in leather. There is hardly any surface inside the car that isnt covered in leather now, its like being being inside a brightly coloured cow. Picture in the doors section.

26th April
Spent the day at route66 bodyworx and with the help of the guys there got the car mobile. Drove the car for the first time today as well! Its obvious the suspension and geomtery still need setting up, but the car pulls like a train. Managed to wheelspin in third....

25th April
With the help of an expert in CNC machining at work, I made a gear-gate for the gearshift. Unfortunately I managed to mislay the pictures so you will have to wait to see it installed.

24th April
Went down to the paintshop and took advantage of their clean spray booth to install the side skirts. Used a whole tube of structural adhesive to fit them, so they arent going anywhere! Picture in the General section under body.

22nd April
Printed some stickers out on the vinyl cutter at work and went down to the spray shop to put them on.

21st April
Today the car was picked up by my mechanic friend Danny and taken back to the paintshop. I rode along in the cab and was suprised to see how many people stopped and took pictures in camera phones as we drove by with a Lamborghini on the back of a recovery truck! Pictures in the misc section under body.

20th April
Spent most of today in the workshop completing a long list of little jobs that needed to be completed. This work is necessary before the car goes back to the paintshop to work through the snag list.

18th April
Installed the wing mirror glass, re-fitted the number plate lights, installed the dashboard top part and idiot-lights. Also installed all the dashboard ducting and repaired a faulty solenoid for the front boot release. Pictures in the interior and doors section under body.

17th April
Fabricated the 'idiot lights' today.

15th April
Completed the centre console light and it is now ready for fitting. Also installed the wing mirrors and reconnected the wing mirror motor electric s up again. Pictures in the doors section under body, and in the interior section.

14th April
Fitted the seats today and fabricated the interior light and seat belt retractor housing. Also began trimming the door panels and made a template for the idiot lights that will sit on top of the dashboard. Pictures in the interior section.

13th April
Completed trimming the chassis of the car. Also fitted the weather strip on the drivers door. Pictures in the interior section.

12th April
Bonded in the rear quarter windows and trimmed the interior roof bars with leather. Also repaired one of the captive nuts on the passenger seat.

11th April
Fabricated an interior light housing and bonded plates underneath the sun visors to take interior trim. Also made the two plates which cover the centre console and trimmed them in yellow leather.

10th April
Bonded in the brackets which hold the centre swing clips for the sun visors.

8th April
Fitted the major section of the dashboard, about halfway through connecting all the various service up now. Also fitted the passenger side seatbelt. Pictures in the interior section.

7th April
Fitted the drivers side seat belt and also fitted the centre console. Will test fit the dashboard tommorrow, weather permitting.

6th April
Finished rubbing the laquer down and fitted the dashboard into the dashboard. Pictures in the interior section.

5th April
Received the dashboard and centre console back from the carbon fibre specialist. The parts have not been flattened back as they were only laquered yesterday. I will do it myself.

4th April
Made the electrical connections to the handbrake microswitch, picture in the electrical section. Also fabricated two brackets to hold the sun visors and bonded them in. Pictures in the interior section.

3rd April
Made a little lever assembly with a microswitch, cable clamp and spring to detect when the handbrake is engaged. Also blacked up the edge of the speaker panels and cubby holes ready for installation.

1st April
Glued the passenger side sill trim in today. Managed to fit it without too many wrinkles to remove this time! Also covered the speaker panels with carpet and will bolt these in tommorrow once I have cleaned up and blackened the edges up.

31st March
Stitched the leather panel up for the passenger side sill. I will bond it to the sill tommorrow evening. Picture in the interior section.

30th March
Completed trimming the passenger side door sill. Will start cutting the remainder of my leather hide for the passenger side tommorrow.. Picture in the interior section.

29th March
Finished sticking the underlay foam to all the parts on the body that require leather trimming. A sticky nasty job but its now out the way. Picture in the interior section.

28th March
Fitted the panel that trims the bottom and side edges of the rear window. Also started applying foam to the side bottom sill edges prior to covering them with leather. Picture in the interior section.

27th March
Today I trimmed the panel I made for the rear window surround. I also dropped my interior parts off to a gentleman who will be overlaying my interior parts in real carbon fibre. Ive given up with the idea of using any of the commercially available self adhesive carbon fibre stuff as the effect is either poor or the stuff does not conform to the profile of the parts. Pictures in the interior section.

25th March
Received my interior parts back all trimmed in leather. The trim on the seats has been straightened up quite a bit, still not perfect but a lot better than before. Stripped off all the carbon fibre effect film off of the interior parts so that I can get them overlayed with real carbon fibre. Pictures as always in the interior section.

24th March
Made the small panel which frames the bottom and sides of the rear window. I could not trim it as the 'christmas tree' clips I have to attach it to the bulkhead are too short. Picture in the interior section.

22nd March
Fitted the two leather covered base plates into the rear window apertures. Pictures in the Interior section.

21st March
Finished covering the passenger side of the car including the passenger compartment

18th March
Almost completed the carpet on the passenger side now, just the rear cubby hole to do.

17th March
Started work on trimming the passenger side now.

16th March
Began trimming out interior with carpet and leather. This was more difficult than I thought, the drivers side taking me most of the day. Pictures in the interior section.

15th March
Rehung the drivers door with the correct spacers, also adjusted the suspension (stiffened it) and set the ride height to a sensible level. Identified two areas requiring work back at the bodyshop.

14th March
Degreased the hing and repainted it as it got marked when I was freeing it up.

13th March
Spent the day freeing the drivers side hinge which for some reason had siezed up. After soaking in WD40 and worrying the hinge backwards and forwards, I got it free.

11th March
Test fitted the partially finished side skirts to make sure they are a good fit. They will be sent back to Route66 Bodyworx for finishing before being permanently affixed to the car. Pictures in the general section under body.

9th March
Refitted the passenger door and also rehung the rear bumper which was off-centre. I still have the drivers side door to do which is sitting too high on the hinge. I discovered that one of the spacers is missing for the drivers side door so when I fit this it should fit correctly. Pictures in the door section, and some of the new side skirts under general.

6th March 2008
Wow, months have elapsed since any work happened on the car. In that time I put another floor on my house and spent a lot of time in the USA and Eastern Europe. Yesterday and today I began the long process of putting the car back together, starting with the front bumper. Picture in the front bumper section.

24th December
Car was delivered back from the painters today pictures in the general section under body, and an image of the almost finished engine bay in the engine section under ancillaries.

10th December
Wow, cant believe its been almost two months since my last update. The car has been away much longer than anticipated, but as I have had some problems at home with building work I have ongoing. Updates in the general section under body. Also a picture in the interior section.

24th October
The car is now in primer and will be blocked down before sitting for a week for the primer to harden. The next stage involves yet another coat of primer before a final blocking and the application of top coats. Pictures in the body section section under general.

16th October
Wow, its been over a month since my last update. The car is progressing very well. Pictures in the body section under general, the workshop section and interior section.

4th September
The car was collected for paint today. Fortunately I had good weather and the ground was pretty dry so I didnt drag half my garden down to the pick up truck. Pictures in the miscellaneous section.

27th August
Another milestone reached today. Every hole that needs to be drilled, every bracket thats bonded in has now been completed. The car is more or less complete, another snapshot gallery is available here.

26th August
Panelled under the front of the car, mounted the door cards, speakers and seats.

25th August
Bonded in the rear valance, panelled the bottom of the engine bay to stop road dirt coming up and installed the speakers into the door cards and behind the seats.

24th August
Completed all the remaining wiring, including splitting the front foglights and wiring the dipped/high beam on the indicator stalk.

23rd August
Sealed the floorpan in the passenger compartment with brushable seam sealant and inserted some mountings in for the door cards so as to make sure they are tight against the door.

22nd August
Installed an interior light, split the front and rear foglights onto separate switches and insulated the exhaust around the starter motor and fuel pumps.

21st August
Completed the electric mirror wiring and mounted the motors into the wing mirror shells. Also made a template for drilling the seat mounting holes.

20th August
Completed the wiring for the drivers side door today. I discovered however, that I have a problem with my door hinge on this side in that it now does not seem to shut properly. I have to fix this before the car goes for paint for obvious reasons.

19th August
Completed the door wiring on the passenger side and am about halfway through the drivers side. Sixteen individual cables are routed through controlling the electric mirrors, windows and door locks. Also made two plates to cover the wing mirror mountings, picture in the door section under body.

18th August
With the exception of the doors and high-beam, all the wiring is now complete. Tommorrow I will finish the door wiring and hope to have the wing mirrors connected up as well.

17th August
Worked on the wiring today, completing all the little electrical jobs that need doing before I move onto the door wiring.

16th August
Took the front boot hinges apart, cleaned them up and painted them. Reworked the retaining latch and boot seal so the lid sits against the seals correctly

15th August
Finished another outstanding job today. I moved the exhaust mounting brackets from the gearbox to the chassis spreader bar, and I also made up the rear tail pipes and installed the fancy chrome trims. Pictures explain this so much better in the engine section.

14th August
Installed the second air filter and also installed the engine trim panels. They took a suprising amount of work to install. Picture in the engine section.

13th August
I now have a target to build to, the car is booked in for paint on the 4th of September! Also bonded two pipe adapters into the dashboard plenum chambers made from gutter fittings. Covered the main centre console section in carbon fibre film, picture in the interior section. Also halfway through installing the air filters, picture in the engine section.

12th August
Cleaned up the fibreglass plenum chamber I made and sorted out bracketry and ducting connectors. Pictures in the interior section.

11th August
A trip to my local scrap yard yielded me the remainder of the parts I needed to hook my door handles up and a nice interior light and sun visors from a convertible Audi.

10th August
Made up a plenum chamber that fits underneath the top part of the dash to direct air for the windscreen demister vents.

9th August
Received some parts from lambostuff today, unfortunately they screwed part of the order up so I have the wrong console light and two non-matching electric window switches. Hopefully get it sorted out soon. Fitted the dash demister vents which were also in the order.

8th August
Confirmed with the paint shop and I will pay them a visit this coming Monday to make arrangements for the work.

7th August
Painted the steering column cowling today after rubbing it down and fitting some additional bracketry.

6th August
Removed the lever for the adjustable steering and continued rubbing the steering column cowling down. Picture in the interior section.

5th August
About halfway through the steering column shroud. I had to widen the gap in the dashboard to accomodate it and I may have to drop the tilt and slide functionality completely, its no great loss. Picture in the interior section.

4th August
Made the basic form of the steering column shroud today from fibreglass using a aluminium and parcel tape former which I made yesterday.

3rd August
Started work on the steering column shroud. Its the one part of the car that will not look anything like the original.

2nd August
Fitted the door card to the passenger side door, finished the mountings for the glove compartment and cut the holes for the loudspeakers.

31st July
Had another body shop come round to quote today, The previous bodyshop wanted the car for five to six months, obviously out of the question. These guys have a website at and their work looks interesting. Also completed the glove box and started work on its mounting, picture in the interior section.

30th July
Started constructing the internal components of the glove compartment. It will needed to be screwed in after the dashboard is fitted as it needs to be nudged out of the way to fit a few components.

29th July
Worked on the dashboard some more. Cut the perspex for the warning light bar, and squared off and finished the plenum chambers for the top vents. Pictures in the interior section.

28th July
Mounted the mirrors onto the car today after installing the springs. Pictures in the doors section under body. Also did some work on constructing plenum chambers for the dashboard, picture in the interior section.

27th July
After being let down by various paintshops, I think I have found someone professional prepared to do the job. Confirmation depends on scheduling which I should find out about early in the coming week.

26th July
Finished the top dash eyebrow part. I modified it to cover some gaps up towards the windscreen and also made a template for the Perspex I will use for the warning light bar. Pictures in the interior section.

25th July
Bit the bullet after investigating some other parts from scrapyards etc and bought new switches for the electric windows and the rear courtesy light. Also purchased a set of vents for the demister as I could not find any other suitable ones from lambostuff in the USA.

24th July
Started experimenting with carbon fibre vinyl film over the centre console panel. I thought it would look pretty poor, but it actually isnt all that bad. There is some mileage in cutting the film in such a way to minimise joins.

23rd July
Filled the top of the centre console panel to meet the curved dash piece without any gaps., also smoothed out where any of the pop rivets are so they wont show through the leather.

22nd July
Worked on the lip that holds the top part of the windscreen. This part is now almost complete. Also worked on extending part of the eyebrow piece of the dashboard so that it covers the join to the body. This would have been visible through the windscreen otherwise.

21st July
Dismantled the dashboard again so I can begin the process of making the mountings for the eyebrow piece. Also completed all fabrication work on the centre panel part of the dashboard.

19th July
About halfway through fabricating the centre console panel which holds the stereo and AC control panel. Picture in the interior section.

17th July
Attempted to make a set of AC fascias from the moulds I took. Unfortunately the resin I used has a high shrinkage making the part overall too small. I need to wait for the 3D printer at work to be repaired before I can make any new moulds.

16th July
Had a nice long weekend with the family in Jersey, but theres no rest for the wicked so I was back on the car this evening and have begun fixing the plate that holds the stereo and aircon control panel into the dashboard.

10th July
Made up the brackets to hold the gauge plate into the dashboard. Picture in the interior section.

9th July
Wired up the gauges into my new dash plates. All functions are now working and this part is now ready to be fitted into the main dashboard proper. Pictures in the electrical section.

8th July
Using the two dash plates, I made brackets to hold the two parts apart the correct distance. There are eleven brackets total, which should stop anything flopping about and help tie the top of the dash to the bottom. Pictures in the interior section.

7th July
Refitted the door hinges and rehung my doors today. The door action is now so smooth hardly any force is required to move the doors, excellent!. Unfortunately my passenger side gas ram has lost pressure and needs replacing.

6th July
Went to another builders today, Chris Barbers and helped with some of the wiring on his Fiero based Diablo replica. Also picked up my modified doors hinges which Chris has had kindly modified along with his own.

5th July
Made up the dashboard plate to actually hold the dials. Not a visible part so its quite a bit quicker to make.

4th July
Happy Independence day to my US readers!
Today I began assembling the last two AC control panels that I have PCB's for.

3rd July
Worked some more on the bulkhead. Am in two minds about covering the foam up with something. Also cut the two aluminium sections for the dashboard.

2nd July
Now all the brackets for the dash have been sorted out, its time to remove everything and foam the bulkhead. Picture in the interior section.

1st July
Made up the bracketry for the lower part of the dashboard today, its nice and solid now so its shouldnt rattle when I am driving along.

30th June
Filled in the passenger side area below the rear quarter glass, also installed the radiator to body bracket on the passenger side which has been outstanding for some time.

28th June
Started filling in the side sections below the rear quarter glass. I have no clear pictures of this area so I am making it up as I go along. Another new picture in the interior section.

26th June
Completed boxing in behind the drivers seat, this too has an access port for one of the computers. Picture in the interior section.

25th June
Boxed in the section behind the passenger seat. It has an access hatch so the engine computers are not made inaccessible, Picture tommorrow.

24th June
Finished sealing up the front boot, completed the headlight access panels and sealed the internal sills against the body. Pictures in the front boot section.

23rd June
Completed the side sealing panels and also got halfway through making the rear light access panels. Pictures in the front boot and lights section under body.

22nd June
Finshed the removeable cover which goes over the brake resevoir.

18th June
About halfway through sealing up the front boot area. Also modified the sealing lip to make the bonnet sit nicer. Pictures in the body section under front boot.

17th June
Started making the fibreglass parts from the templates I had made earlier. These fill in the gaps and stop things in the boot getting wet.

15th June
No updates today as I pick up a new car.

14th June
Started making templates for the fibreglass pieces to close up the front boot area. These will be fibreglassed at a later date once everything is worked out.

11th June
Completed the drivers side door hinge upgrade. Removed the doors now so I can send the hinges off to be re-pinned.

9th June
Installed the last part of the hinge upgrade to remove sway from the door. Pictures in the door section under body.

7th June
I wasnt completely happy with the aluminium channels spacing, so I removed it and moved it closer. It minimises the gap between the rubber strip and the door glass.

5th June
Finished installing the aluminium channel to hold the glass weatherstrip on the passenger door. I need to adjust the position of the top runner to get the glass to seal against the weatherstrip evenly and then this part is complete.

4th June
Started fitting the rubber channel on the passenger door. This locates the rubber against the glass and if incorrectly fitted will rub against the glass. I got it too close so I need to redo this part again tommorrow.

2nd June
Modified the passenger side hinge today to strengthen it. The modification removes all flex from the door side of the hinge. Now all I need to do is to weld a small plate onto the chassis to stop the plate from moving up and down. Also about hlafway through rebuilding the passenger door. Pictures in the doors section under body.

31st May
Back from the USA now, so first order of business is to clear up the workshop. Cannot believe how far behind schedule I now am.

14th May
Carried on working on the drivers side running board. Made a modification to the rocker on the passenger side to get a nicer shape and cut the fake panels into the drivers side door jamb to match the passenger side. Pictures in the Miscellaneous section under body.

13th May
Finished the passenger side running board today and almost completed the drivers side. Updates over the next two weeks will be few and far between as I am away to the US on business.

8th May
No updates for the next few days as I am off to the Automotive testing exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany.

6th or 7th May
Stoneleigh kit car show. Chance to meet and greet as well as pick up the essential bits and pieces needed to finish a kit car. Pictures in the misc section.

5th May
Problems with my internet connection have meant less updates. Still working on the running boards, but Stoneleigh this weekend means no more updates for a while.

30th April
Sanded the window sill down and began filling the void between the bottom of the car and the top of the running board. Picture in the general section under body.

28th April
Using a window board as a former, began work on the side sills. Covered the windows boards with a thin layer of fibreglass so that I can use conventional body fillers to complete this part. The reason for doing this is that the boards are made from uPVC and are incompatible with normal bodyfiller.

27th April
Put in rivnuts and drilled the passenger side sill to accept the side runner.

26th April
Received the drivers side door hinge back from Naz today as well as the special springs for the wing mirrors. Re-hung the drivers side door tonight.

24th April
Worked some more on the rear glass surround and also began working on the side skirts.

22nd April
Completed cutting out the sections required to mount the glass and began making this area good. Pictures once again in the general section under body.

21st April
Back to work again. Completed the drivers side glass frame, picture in the general section under body. Also started putting the rear glass in today. There is more work in this area then I had first thought. Picture again in the general section.

16th April
About 80% of the way through the drivers side glass frame now. Ran out of glass fibre and body filler but as I am away on business for a few days now its no big hold up.

15th April
Got about halfway through the drivers side quarter glass frame today. It was constant interruptions from visitors so I never got a chance to complete this section.

14th April
Completed the frame around the passenger side quarter glass today. It looks pretty good. Pictures in the general section under body.

13th April
Didnt get to do much work today as last night someone broke into my garden and smashed a few things up. Spent the evening installing security lights and alarms as my workshop is a fair distance from my house and potentially vulnerable.

12th April
Started work on the passenger side quarter frame. The aperture is quite distorted and I have a simple choice here. I can either make it fit right, or fit well. I cannot do both. I have chosen to make my quarter glass fit well and this means quite a lot of modification to the glass frame to bring it forward.

8th April
Phew! Finished the mirror shells today and gave them a lick of paint to check for imperfections. They look pretty good and well worth the time spent on them. Pictures in the doors section.

7th April
Wing mirrors almost complete. I need to finish rubbing them down with some fine paper and they are done. Pictures to follow soon.

5th April
Back from holiday, still working on the wing mirrors at present. The glass now fits the housings, but as with everything with this car, the pieces are different sizes.

24th March
No progress for the next week as I am on holiday. I took some pictures today and put a mini gallery together.

22nd March
Began working on the actual glass holders for the wing mirrors. The NAERC wing mirrors are different shapes from left to right so with the aid of the some actual wing mirror glass I am correcting these problems.

20th March
Ordered a set of Pioneer component speakers with separate tweeters. I will let you know the model numbers if they fit!

19th March
Worked on the drivers side mirror mount after casting the area the mirror mounts to yesterday. I did this in the same way on the passenger side as the NAERC mirrors have flat mounting plates whereas they ought to be curved.

18th March
Cast the mirror mounting plate on the drivers side as I have the door off and its a job that needs doing. Filled some holes on the door card.

17th March
Drilled and put threaded inserts into the doors so the door cards can be installed. Also stripped the drivers side door card of its original foam to repair some holes and other damage. Picture in the door section.

14th March
Uploaded a pdf document detailing the modification of Mk3 Mondeo electric window motors for use in a Lamborghini Diablo replica. Details in the resource section.

13th March
Carried on working on my drivers side door glass. I am adjusting the front guide by the side mirror mount to allow the glass to slide more evenly up and down.
Also took some pictures of the newly covered seats, take a look in the interior section.

12th March
Received my seats back from the trimmers, looking very nice. Pictures soon. Also worked on the drivers side door glass and sent the faulty door hinge off to Naz.

11th March
Completed the drivers side glass assembly. Also had to remove the drivers side door hinge as over the weeks it has become progressively stiffer, to the point where it has seized entirely. This is the second time I have had to replace a door hinge.

10th March
As I now have the idlers for the side glass motor assembly, I started work on finishing this door.

8th March
Received my rear emblems and engine cover badge today from NAERC. Unfortunately there was an error with the order and I now have one too many bonnet badges and no side emblems. Naz also range to tell me that my side glass is finally here!. The guys from extreme also dropped by to pick up the moulds I made for my Diablo 6.0 dash. Busy day....

5th March
Tinkered with the boot lid to get it to fit nicely. Also received the front wheel spacers and elongated wheel studs for the front hubs. I fitted the passenger side which took a lot less time than I thought it would. Picture in the wheels section under body.

4th March
Mounted the bonnet onto the car using my new hinges and a special bracket I fabricated which runs from the chassis up to the bottom edge of the windscreen. Pictures in the front boot section under body

3rd March
Completed fabricating the new hinges, also received the cut off tool at work I have been waiting for. Using this I made the last parts I needed to replicate my window mechanism onto the drivers side. Pictures in the front boot section under body.

1st March
Received the metal I needed for the fron boot hinges a few days ago, so I started fabricating them tonight.

25th February
Finished assembling the dials along with the templates. I will make the final versions from aluminium sheet which will be painted black before the fake carbon fibre is applied. Also finalised the position of the rockers at the rear wheels. Picture in the interior section.

24th February
Completed marking out the dashboard template and dry fitted the rings.

23rd February
Started marking out my dashboard template for use with the new rings. I had to move things about a little bit to get them to fit in the way I wanted, Still it looks pretty good.

22nd February
Finished the wiring to the wiper motor from the steering column. Also started work on the runners which sit along the bottom of the car underneath the doors.

21st February
Discovered I need spacer rings for the front wheel hubs as well as longer wheel studs. Im looking at the back now and think I might need something like this there as well.

20th February
Received the dial rings today from the engineering works. They look pretty good, even in the raw aluminium. I will probably linish my set and give them a coat of laquer to stop them corroding. Pictures in the interior section, along with some in the electrical section of my lights working.

19th February
Wired in the horn and indicators today. Need to pick up more tie-wraps and connectors.

18th February
Completed wiring of the headlights, and front fog lights. The wiring to the bumper is through two connectors enabling the easy disconnection when the bumper is removed.

17th February
Powered up all of the rear lights, number plate lights. Began wiring the new centre console switches so they activate the correct relays.

13th February
Only got two hours in tonight. Managed to remove the front bumper and begin installing the breakout connectors so the bumper can be completely removed from the car.

12th February
Terminated the connections on the rear lights and installed the actual light housings. I also completed the cabling to the number plate lights and the reverse switch on the gearbox.

11th February
Finished the wiring for the rear lights and rewired the connectors for the front lights.

10th February
Refitted the centre console and did some more work on the front boot section as well as added the last part of the centre console. Picture in the interior section.

8th February
Worked out a viable hinge alternative to the PD supplied 'solution'. The new hinge will not interfere with the windscreen motor or the wiper blade itself.

6th February
Fitted the hinge today to the dashboard and it works well. Its the same sort if design as the front boot hinge. I did toy with the idea of using kitchen cabinet hinges which would have worked but were simply too large.

5th February
With the bodywork rapidly approaching completion. Its time to turn my attention to the interior once more. I made a hinge for the glovebox to replace what would have been the passenger airbag.

4th February
Installed the wheels on the car today. They really make a difference to it and make it look much more finished now. Pictures in the wheels section.

3rd February
Started cutting the holes in the console for the electric mirror and window switches. Also started making the various bits of braketry up to hold the dashboard in place.

1st February
Played some more with hinges for the front boot and tried a few different ideas out. Got a better idea of what to do now. Also sanded the console sections down so they fitted together again correctly.

30th January
Bonded in a lip section so I have something to bolt the centre console to.

29th January
Cut the top section from my centre console and drilled holes for the buttons as well as test fitted them. Picture in the electrical section.

28th January
Applied a coat of dolphin glaze over the console before rubbing it down again. Picture in the interior section. Also cleaned the workshop out of all the unnecessary junk which has been accumulating over the last two years.

26th January
Took the evening off to go and see some friends.

25th January
Rubbed the filler on the centre console down and checked to see how well it fits. Picture in the interior section.

23rd January
Applied the first layer of body filler to the centre console. The surfaces must be totally flat for the surface to look the way I want.

22nd January
About halfway through fabrication of the centre console. It looks much better than previous efforts. Picture in the interior section. I also posted a picture of the sewing machine I picked up.

21st January
No work on the car today as I had to travel to London to pick up a new industrial sewing machine. I had purchased a machine previously but it turned out to be unsuitable so I got a walking foot machine designed specifically for leather. I got it for a bargain price too! Pictures to follow soon.

20th January
Did a little more work on the passenger side wing mirror, I need to make some locating pegs now on my lathe before I can continue. I started replicating the electric mirror mechanism for the drivers side, but managed to snap a tap off in a bearing I was making. No more work on this assembly this weekend.

19th January
Got some new hinges from ebay today. These are boot hinges from the escort cabriolet. I really did not like the way the hinges PD supplied work, they were too floppy and the lack of steel in the boot lid caused the gas rams to distort it. On top of this, as the lid is opened it fouls the wiper. The new hinge works in a different way and should eliminate these problems.

18th January
Started figuring the wiring out for the mirror motors. I am using Ford Granada wing mirror motors with a Vauxhall Corsa mirror control switch. This switch is the same part as lamborghini used, but somewhat cheaper from Vauxhall.

17th January
Received the centre engine cover plate from PD today. Its reasonably good but needs a little bit of work to the lettering which has some distortion, but nothing major that the dremel could not fix! You may have also noticed that some adverts have started appearing on the top of the pages, I hope they are unobtrusive. The aim is to generate a little extra income to pay for some of the elements of my build.

16th January
Carried on working on the centre console section. The whole thing is proving more difficult than I anticipated. Pictures soon.

15th January
Bonded some aluminium into the rear centre console to take the button panel which also got some reshaping with the fein sander. Hoping to have something that looks vaguely like a centre console by the weekend. Also added some fibreglass to the passenger side door mirror to bring it out to the right length after reshaping the mountings for correct angle.

14th January
Could not spend much time on the car today as I had to go round my Grandmothers and fix her TV as she had broken the on/off button. I was able to get some time in the workshop this evening and worked on the wing mirror a little more. Picture in the door section under body.

13th January
Finally started the wing mirrors today, and tinkered with the door some more. Also did some sculpting on the centre console.

12th January
Remounted the door and what a difference. The only appreciable play is in the hinge mount plate itself. Picture of the door mounted in the doors section under body. Ive included details of my plan to remove even this sway there.

11th January
Glassed a metal brace in from the hinge all the way down to the front of the door. Hopefully will eliminate any remaining sway in the door. I will fix a steel bar running from the front of the door to the rear to stop the door distorting from the pressure of the gas ram.

9th January
Made some brackets and bolted the runner frame into the door. The glass glides nicely up and down inside the door with no sign of jamming or twisting. Perfect! I will replicate the mechanism onto the drivers side to make it match and replace my earlier efforts. Total cost of electric windows is £130 and some welding gas. Forty quid of that was for the motors I tried first.

8th January
Shortened the leading door runner to make it fit as it wasnt quite as nice a fit as I liked it. Wired some fly leads to the motor as it uses a funky ford connector I dont have in my part catalog's. Got the basis of the centre console finished, now will start mating it to the rest of the console.

7th January
Constructed a frame to hold the runners and shortened them. Made up the stainless cable which runs the guides up and down. Looks like the leading runner is 10mm too long, which makes the front and back runners different lengths. Started fabricating the centre console parts so I can mount my switches. Installed the front glass guide into the door.

6th January
Began work on the passenger side electric window. I am using a different mechanism to the one I used on the drivers side. It uses two rails rather than one and should make for better operation. Picture in the door section.

4th January
Received eight switches which arrived today, including a hazard warning switch based on the type I received yesterday. With the help of a colleague at work I made some white and clear vinyl inserts. I used a white background instead of the original black to match my white dials. Picture in the electrical section.

3rd January
Received the switch for the console. The lens is a pig to get off but I mocked one up to see what it looks like. Picture in the electrical section.

2nd January
Just about ready to dump my old sewing machine in the bottom of a lake. I welded and ground the needle plate to repair it, but the damned thing still refuses work correctly. Every hundred or so stiches, it decides to whack the needle into the plate. I am rapidly running out of needles.

1st January
Purchased a walking foot sewing machine today as my old industrial machine is too difficult to get parts for. Basically the needle plate has cracked due to it being whacked by needles one time too many. I tried repairing it and getting a new one is proving difficult. Cut out the first parts for the first seat I will be re-covering.

December 31st
Spent most of the day struggling with my industrial sewing machine. I think it might be time to buy a new one. I made another steering gaiter as I could not get the first one over the handbrake without stretching it when I tried it out for size. I got the detail stiching much better this time.

December 30th
Started fabricating interior leatherwork today. Using the old interior I purchased as a pattern I made the gear shift gaiter using the bright yellow leather with black stitching. It came out OK but I need to practice getting the stitch length even. Not too bad for a first attempt.

December 29th
Made a frame work out of stainless steel to surround my engine computers and close up the interior behind the seats. Its not exact, and I might put some speakers in there yet as well.
Also performed an autopsy on my seats and began dismantling them to make patterns.

December 28th
Still searching for suitable console buttons and think I have come up with a contender. Now all I need to do is to check the sizes before ordering and fabricating the components themselves.

December 22nd
Not many updates for a while now, due to the christmas break. Although I will be working for most of it, just not on my car...

December 21st
Started panelling out the interior sections of the car. I am using 4mm thick MDF because I can get loads of it for free, and its really easy to cut and form. Its not as waterproof as plywood and also does not take woodscrews well, which eliminates the urge to use woodscrews completely, which as far as I can see is a major kit car faux pas when building a car.

December 20th
Stuck five litres of antifreeze into the car today which should be a roughly 50% ratio. Looks like just in time as well because its now pretty much below freezing every day.

December 19th
Refitted the fuel tank, finished up the rear quarter seals and wired in the new ignition switch. Unfortunately my battery is completely flat so I didnt get an opportunity to put some antifreeze in the engine which is becoming more urgent as the cold weather sets in.

December 18th
Bonded in the rear quarter sections today. I used pop rivets to fix them to the chassis uprights and then bonded the rest using PU sealant to the body. Once this has dried I will touch up inside the car with some fibreglass paste.

December 17th
Completed sealing the engine bay from the passenger bay. Also added some high density foam and soundproofing to the fibreglass sections which seal off the engine bay from the passenger compartment.

December 16th
Rejigged the steering column mounts today as with my original mounting I would not have been able to the shroud around the column in a tidy fashion. It works much better now. I also sealed the passenger side of the rear bulkhead completely.

December 15th
Started sealing all the gaps between the engine and passsenger compartment. I had put this job off for some time as it involves me spending time flat on my back with resin running up my arms. I am at the stage now where I can put it off no longer.

December 12th
Began fettling the dash to get it to sit right in the car. I have made a couple of minor errors which took about two hours to sort out, and have identified a problem with the steering column that may require attention. Pictures in the interior section.

December 11th
No work on the car today because I want a day off from picking bits of fibreglass from my fingers.

December 10th
Dry fitted the new dash today, short day because I have to go and visit some friends. It requires fettling to get it to sit right but overall I am quite happy with it. Pictures in the interior section.

December 9th
Success! Finally achieved a succesfull 'pull' from my moulds today. I now have a 6.0 2001 style dashboard ready for fitting and trimming. Pictures in the interior section.

December 8th
Pulled the moulds from my plugs today. Spent the rest of the day tidying up the moulds and applying multiple layers of wax. Its suprising how time consuming this all is.

December 7th
Made three out of the four moulds today, a process which uses a suprising amount of resin. I have to get some more tommorrow after going through ten litres. Pictures in the interior section.

December 6th
Fiddled with the wiper motor some more and received the gelcoat and release wax for making moulds of my dashboard. Pictures in the interior section.

December 5th
Fitted the wiper motor today, had to rework the passenger side door hinge to get the wiper to work correctly. Pictures in the electrical section.
Also refitted the new steering column shaft which came back from machining today. Pictures in the chassis section.

December 4th
Completed the 6.0 style dashboard and now just have to wait for some gelcoat to turn up before I can pull some moulds.

December 3rd
Completed application of filler to the eyebrow, just rubbing down today.

December 2nd
Trip to PD today to pick up the passenger side glass, so now I can finish my doors. Also picked up my tyres which Naz mounted to my rims for me. The only parts I am now outstanding are the passenger side rear quarter glass, seat belts and the rear Lamborghini badge.

December 1st
Started laying filler over the fibreglass and dowels.

November 30th
Constructed a frame of dowels and fibreglass to flesh out the flat section of the monobrow. Pictures in the interior section.

November 28th
Covered the entire top part of the dash with parcel tape and started fibreglassing the front edge into a suitable position. Also started figuring out how the passenger airbag recess is likely to work.

November 27th
Started marking out the primary dashboard plug as to where the 'monobrow' will fit. Spoke to Naz today and I will be taking a trip down to Mitcham on Saturday to pick up the remainder of the parts I need and to return some parts I have not used.

November 26th
Completed rubbing down the primary dashboard plug today. There is a small amount of refining left to do but the shape is pretty much there and looks good. Next stage is to fabricate the top piece before cutting out the passenger airbag recess. Pictures in the interior section.

November 25th
Picked up a nice steering wheel today from a Tuning shop in Colchester. It looks quite a bit like the real thing with the exclusion of two small metal bands at the bottom of the wheel. It couples to the steering wheel using a Momo hub adapter and has a functioning horn push. As with nearly all after market steering wheels it needs a cover over the metal centre part to make it SVA compliant.

November 21st
The entire dash is now covered with filler, and I have begun rubbing it down. It didnt look as uneven until I started smoothing everything out. Pictures in the interior section.

November 20th
Carried on fibreglassing the dashboard and filling the fibreglassing I completed yesterday with filler. My Neighbour broke my heater, so I have to wait until the fibreglass goes off tommorrow to finish filling.

November 19th
Back from Germany, so continuing with the dashboard work. I completed foaming the dashboard and began laying the first layers of fibreglass down before refining the final shape. Pictures in the interior section.

November 12th
Began applying the construction foam to my dashboard former. I have now run out of foam and wont be able to get any more till next weekend, as I am away on business in Germany. Pictures in the interior section.

November 11th
Column is fitted completely, although it is extremely difficult to reach some area of the metal for welding. It is very secure now. Also started mocking up the 6.0 style dashboard as I have decided not to modify the dashboard Naz has supplied. Pictures in the interior section.

November 10th
Tack welded the column into position now and checked the position with the seat in place. Managed to source a key and lock barrel for the new column which should be delivered next week. Not too bad a deal at twenty quid.

November 9th
About halfway fabricating the new mounting posts for the Fiat steering column. Starting to look like how I imagined it should do. Pictures in the chassis section.

November 7th
Began working on the column in earnest now. I have removed the original steering column mounts and separated the UJ's from the original linkage to reuse with the new Fiat Coupe steering column.

November 2nd
Got the replacement steering column to update my interior to the latest style. I now have to remove the original column and fabricate some brackets to mount the new column in its correct position. Pictures in the interior section.

October 31st
Started work in earnest on the interior. There are still some body jobs left to do, but I need daylight for those, so I will contend myself with working on the interior as the nights draw in. Pictures in the interior section.

October 30th
Managed to source the correct steering column that the 6.0 dash requires. Have also been busy measuring and checking dimensions for the dashboard. Got the trim off of the centre console and the dashboard now in its entirety. Almost ready to start applying and shaping the foam to build the new dash up.

October 27th
The last few days have been spent scraping foam and alacantra from the interior I received. Some of you may be able to guess where it originally came from, I will not say to spare his blushes. It has been trimmed really quite badly, I was hoping to use the trim as patterns but that looks like its out the window now.

October 23rd
Spent the last few weeks travelling on business, so a bit jet lagged. Returned to my office to find three very large boxes occupying most of the available space. Due to delays at PD I have decided to purchase a second hand interior. Some of you may be able to guess where it came from, needless to say it requires quite a lot of work. Pictures to follow soon.

October 7th
Im off to the czech republic next week, so I need to spend some quality time with the missus today.

October 6th
Finished fabricating grilles for the rear of the car as the ones Naz supplies, although very nicely made, simply do not fit. Also having a lot of trouble getting through to him on the phone recently. Pictures in the grilles section under body.

October 5th
Got some sort of sinus thing, so thought it best not to spend the evening in the garage.

October 3rd
Managed to source some of the interior parts today. Not working on the car today.

October 2nd
Started working on the rear grilles that cover the radiator apertures. I had ordered a set from Naz, but they seem to be a different size and shape from mine, So I am fabricating my own.

October 1st
All lambo'd out, so I am taking the day off.

30th September
Installed the lower door glass weather seal onto the drivers side door. Yuck, what a horrible job. Pictures in the doors section.

29th September
Finished rubbing down the inside wing area of the drivers side door, and adjusted the lines to the rear of the engine cover. Pictures in the general section. I also completed the front boot latch area, pictures in the front cover section.

28th September
Completed the drivers side door secondary seal today, and resumed work on the front boot lid latch area.

27th September
Fitted the secondary weather seal to the passenger side door today. About half way through on the drivers side. A difficult and time consuming job not made easier by the lack of a suitable recess on the body for this part. Pictures in the general section.

26th September
Fitted the completed front bumper, and began work on the secondary weather seals. This is a time cosuming and fiddly job, which if rushed or bodged will be extremely visible. Pictures in the front bumper and general section.

25th September
Fabricated and installed the ducts for the front bumper. These hold the foglights and are closer to the original than the solution I saw fitted to PD's green demonstrator. Pictures in the front bumper section.

24th September
Fiited the bracketry for the side lights and began prepping the bumper for paint. Pictues in the front bumper section.

23rd September
Fabricated the brackets to hold the drivers side headlight in.

22nd September
No work on the car today as I had to go round my parents house to fix their computer.

21st September
About halfway through doing the false wing effect on the passenger side. Naz does a template which is supposed to give the impression that the one piece body is in fact made up of lots of different panels, I just didnt think it was that realsitic. See my efforts in the general section under body. Also dry fitted the drivers side headlight.

19th September
Got the wiper blade and the secondary door sealing strips today. Also started marking the passenger door out to give the false wing imprint.

18th September
Placed three mounting positions on the front boot lip to tie the bumper in correctly here, pictures in the front bumper section. Got the missus rubbing the gelcoat down to give a good key. Also updated the doors and front bumper sections with more high resolution images.

17th September
At my Nephews Christening today, so no work on the car. I have updated the site however, Full size images in the engine section are now available, more sections will be added as I process them.

16th September
Spent the day correcting a bulge in the roof line and bringing the low points at the leading edge of the roof into line. This takes a suprisingly long time to complete, and quite a large amount of glass fibre and body filler. Pictures in the body section.

15th September
Made some small brackets that will hold the rear engine cover down. I had originally used bolts but these would be inaccessible with the rear grille fitted, so I had to rethink its mounting. Also started work on the revision 2 of the AC control panel as the prototype has been returned after extensive testing. There are a small number of insignificant bugs still to iron out, but overall the prototype has functioned well.

14th September
Another milestone reached! I have open and close doors, with locks, push buttons and more importantly, Gas Rams! Pictures in the doors section as always.

13th September
With the aid of my borrowed MIG welder I have attached the bottom Gas Ram mounts to the chassis.

12th September
Filled the voids in the rear passenger compartment voids. No pictures until I have cleaned this up because I am universally bad at applying expanding foam. Also started work on the chassis gas ram mounts. Unfortunately I was not able to borrow my neighbours MIG welder to finish this job.

11th September
Due to still having sore fingers on my left hand, I tidied up my workshop today and pop rivetted the glass fibre panel to the rear of the passenger compartment, ready for foam filling.

10th September
Managed to crush the fingers on my left hand today when I dropped the now very heavy drivers side door onto them. I now have too black finger nails and some very sore fingers.
I am also removing the link to DCSupercars with regards to the gearbox adapter until the current argument concerning ownership of the design is settled.

9th September
Completed roughing out the door edge and gave it a lick of paint to see how far out any sections of it are. Also cut in the Engine cover release into the door sill. Pictures in the doors section.

8th September
Working on the drivers side door gaps at present.

7th September
Tweaked the door button rod for a more satisfactory lock and unlock. I also started work on the body where it meets the door to even up the gap in this area. Pictures in the doors section.

5th September
Took some time off work today and went to Galaxy Models in Ipswich to get some ball and cups for the locking mechanism. Assembled a lever arrangement on the push button and now have a functioning key lock on the drivers side door. Given the effort that required to complete this, I may not bother doing the passenger side keylock.

4th September
Mounted the lever from the door pushbutton to the locking mechanism and started work on the key lock mechanism. It looks like I need some more ball and socket joints.

3rd September
Modified the motor mounting to prevent the door from flexing when the glass hits the top or bottom of its travel. Also fitted the push button and servo for the locking mechanism,

2nd September
Got the glass sliding up and down via the modified motor on the drivers side. It took a little rework to get everthing operating properly, but it all works correctly. Pictures in the doors section.

1st September
Shortened the drivers side electric window motor ready for fitting it tommorrow. Took a little longer than I expected, but I am ready to fit it and the glass to the drivers side door tommorrow. Pictures in the doors section.

31st August
Mounted the vertical part of the door frame for the glass, and bonded in a section of aluminium behind the wing mirror mount to hold the glass rubber in place. Almost ready to start fitting the electric window motor.

29th August
Carried on working on the door today in preperation for fitting the glass. Also started on the work on the gas ram chassis mounts.

28th August
Completed the door seal area today and raised the sill edge to match the passenger side. Still some more work to do in this area. Also fitted the top part of the aluminium frame to secure the glass rubber. The door is much stiffer as a result. Pictures in the doors section.

27th August
Cut the old door sill off, taped my foam to the door, and glassed in a new sill to suit. Some tweaking will be needed to get the door seal entirely even, but this is easier than trying to fix what is there already.

26th August
Fitted the door handle to the drivers side door. Its much easier to lift the door with this on, something I will need to do much more of in the next few days.

24th August
Finalised the position of the door latch receiver, and fitted the door handle to the drivers side door. Also test fitted the glass and discovered that the pre-bent aluminium channel that Naz supplies needs tweaking to match the glass profile. I am very glad I have not fitted these yet.

22nd August
Fiddled some more with the door latch receiver to get the right position.

21st August
Got the door clearing the wing with the same amount of space as the passenger side. I ended up with a 2.5mm spacer on the drivers side between the chassis and a 10mm spacer on the passenger side, unsure as to why this should be, but I am not going to spend a great deal of time worrying about it. The gap at the bottom of the drivers door is fairly huge and will require a fair amount of filling, but I will do the door seal first to get this correct.

20th August
Started finalising the door position. Managed to get the door to clear without rubbing the wing and have fitted the door latch and receiver to the body. Pictures in the doors section.

19th August
Still playing with the hinge spacing at present. Made some more adjustments and carried on making good the cuts I made to reposition the wing.

18th August
Corrected the position of the wing this evening to minimise the gap against the door. The next few days will be spent evening out the gap and making this area good. Pictures in the doors section as always.

17th August
Started hanging the drivers side door. Bugger, the drivers side wing is almost ten millimetres out and needs to be shunted over. I am glad I got the windscreens from Naz now, as it has highlighted another slight problem with the bottom edge of the windscreen. Pictures in the doors section.

14th August
Reworked the latch receiver on the boot lid to work better with the new mounting position on the bumper mounting lip. Took much longer than I though it would.

13th August
It is said that its a womens perogative to change their minds. Well I have gone a bit feminine and decided to change an area which I had previously worked on before. I had made the mounting lip for the front bumper out of fibreglass. This is the area covered by the front boot lid. As it is visible even with the boot lid down, I have decided to look at it again. Pictures in the front cover section under body

12th August
Finished fettling the passenger door today. Sort of half way through the doors now, which is good. Pictures is the doors section

11th August
Went to see Naz today. Picked up two windscreens and the drivers side glass. The passenger side glass wasnt there so I will have to make another trip to fetch that. No problem as I can pick up some interior bits then as well.

9th August
Got through to Naz, after a few days of trying. Am going to PD on friday to pick up the glass.

8th August
Fitted the rubber seal to the new lip and refitted the door. I now have a good seal all the way around the door. Its being pushed out slightly at the top of the door and at the bottom edge, but these are minor things I can correct quite easily with just a little sanding.

7th August
Filled the seal to give a nice finish and applied a coat of primer to see where I am. There is a touch more work to do on the lip, but its very minor. Pictures in the doors section.

6th August
Finished building the seal up and began grinding the new lip to achieve a flat surface, a LOT of dust.

5th August
Mother-In-Law came round, nothing happening today...

3rd August
Carried on working on the door seal. It looks pretty good now. Pictures in the doors section.

1st August
Almost finished glassing in the new seal. The tape worked pretty well with only two areas that need a little attention. I used three layers of fibreglass tape, and then gave it a skim of bridging compound to even out any irregularities. I will stick another few layers on the inside thursday for extra strength.

31st July
Bake from Cleveland, started work on the passenger door rubber seal lip. I began by cutting the old one off flush with the door. Then I taped the door with parcel tape, and placed 10mm foam on top of the tape. Another layer of tape finished this off and gives me a consistent gap all the way around. Using fibreglass tape I then glassed a new lip on all the way round. It took me about two hours to complete this process.

21st July
No progress up to now, and for several days yet. Several problems have ganged up and attacked me all at once, which means I have been able to do zero work on the car. First problem, the floor in my bathroom needed to come up and be replaced so the foundations could be inspected for my upcoming loft conversion. This took much longer than anticipated. Then Royal Mail decided to deliver the special tapes I ordered for the door seals to someone else, I have only just received the replacements. Then I need to go to cleveland in the USA next week on business. On top of all this I was supposed to get the glass pack from Naz last weekend by the van I intended to borrow was not available. Better luck soon I hope...

2nd July
Installed the push button for the door latch on the passenger side. Pictures for this and the last few days work in the doors section under body.

1st July
Began working on the door gap around the latch area of the door.

30th June
Foamed the front portion of the drivers side door aperture to stabilise this area. I also fibreglassed the wing to the chassis.

29th June
Still working on the passenger door area. The top and bottom of the door towards the rear of the car match the profile of the rear quarter panel. However the bit in between is grossly distorted. I spent a good few hours with the sander roughing the shape to something halfway sensible. Unfortunately I have had to remove so much fibre glass from this area, it is now unacceptably thin. I need to build up the panel inside the car now to rectify this. I am still waiting on the parts for the door seal, so no progress there yet.

26th June
Had an idea on how to rapidly fabricate a new door seal edge. I have ordered some bits and pieces to complete this task, I will let you know how it turns out.
Also did a little more work on the door latch, I also foamed the front part of the sill to the chassis to provide some stability in this area as I work on it.

25th June
Completed the door edge gap against the wing, finished the latch receiver and carried on working on the front boot seal. Pictures in the doors section and under wings.

24th June
Fitted the spacer plate to the hinge today. Its stopped the hinge flexing against the chassis completely. Any sway is now exclusively in the door and the hinge to door interface. Once the glass is installed this should stop the door itself flexing, and I wil glass a steel insert into the bottom of the door extending up to the hinge to reduce sway further.

23rd June
Manufactured the spacer plate and an additional plate to sandwich the hinge between two substantial pieces of metal.

22nd June
Fitted the new gear shift mechanism and it works superbly. I can now select reverse with relative ease. It should be a lot easier to change gear now, although I need to get the car moving again to confirm this.
Also been working on the passenger side door hinge. I have been trying to fiddle with it to lose the washers spacing everything out. I think I have figured out what I need, there are now no washers on the door to the hinge, and a spacer plate of 8mm is needed from the chassis to the hinge itself, which I will probably make at work tommorrow.

20th June
Stayed late at work and completed a new gear shift assembly to replace the current one I have. The existing setup works fine for selecting 3rd and 4th gear, but all the other gears are a pig to get into to, especially reverse. Careful examination reveals its because the side to side movement of the gear stick causes an unwanted rotational movement on the selector shaft as is it slides in and out. My new selector is slightly more complicated, fixes this problem and gave me an opportunity to try some real precision engineering. Pictures in the gearbox section.

19th June
Installed some bumpers onto the rear engine cover latch bar to hold the engine cover in a fixed position better than the latch alone. I got the bumpers from an Audi 100. They are usually used to hold the boot in a fixed position in that vehicle and work pretty well in this application.
Spoke to Andrew today, another Lambo builder, and discovered a minor problem with my wing mirrors. One is slightly larger than the other. This is the case with a number of cars, my Mercedes has a larger passenger side wing mirror. But this is not supposed to be the case with the Diablo however. I will need to modify one of the mirrors to match the mirror glass when I get hold of it.

18th June
Fitted the rear grille and front bumper today. I need to do some more work on the gear selector, it has too much play in the side to side orientation at present making the gear change uncertain. Also dry fitted the front indicator side light assembly's. I also noticed on the drivers door that someone has helpfully cut out the recess for the push button lock and has done it too large. More work in this area needed.

17th June
Finished the door handle on the passenger side off today. A suprisingly long time is required to get it fitted right. Pictures in the door section under body.

16th June
Started cutting the apertures for the push button lock and the door handle. Due to restricted space, I will complete one side of the car before turning it round to work on the other.

15th June
Fitted the passenger side door latch today, and the receiver on the body. It takes a little fiddling about to get the latch to fit the recess on the door correctly, and careful measuring to get the receiver in exactly the right position. I had to cut a rather large section out of the door aperture sill to get the door to fit correctly, otherwise the door would not drop down in to the recess. Pictures to follow soon.

13th June
Finished forming the bottom edge of the wing, It looks a little better but still does not quite match the other side completely. You need to draw the line as to how accurate you intend to make things, and I think this will pass pretty close inspection.

12th June
I have been working on the drivers side wing again as I wasnt happy with the way the wing flared out at the bottom. The drivers side looks ok but is too short and needs extending a few millimetres, and the passenger side kicked out at the bottom rather than in. I have rectified the problem and just need to run a skim of filler around this part to finish it off. Pictures soon.

11th June
Drove the car around the garden late last night. The clutch is not as heavy as had at first thought, although I need to bleed the brakes again as they feel a little spongy. Gear shift needs tweaking as its difficult to get into reverse as it currently stands. Didnt need to touch the accelerator, it certainly is keen to go.

9th June
Replaced the bad board interconnect with a more robust IDC connector setup on the AC control panel. Its a bitch to assemble but the connection is much more reliable and not susceptable to vibration. I will test it and send it back to Naz so he can run the compressor tests on his gassed up system.

6th June
Well I am back. My time recently has been taken up fixing my roof and repairing the damage some high winds caused to my property. I managed to find some time to take a look at the door locks. I also fitted some new leads which the engine has been needing pretty badly. I have received a fair number of parts from Naz so I have a fair amount of work to do.
The AC control panel has arrived back from Naz's requring a little rework before approval, basically the board interconnect is not reliable enough and the logic for the compressor drive is inverted with respect to Naz's wiring loom.

18th May
OK, no updates for a little while as I am having a fair number of problems right now which are taking up a lot of my free time. Basically the roof on my house is falling in so I need to spend some time fixing this before I can complete any more work on the car.

15th May
No updates to speak of as I have been a bit under the weather. On top of that my significant other has been away so I now have to clean up the mess I have made of the house.

9th May
Ran the engine for over an hour today after filling up and bleeding the radiators. It takes a while to get rid of all the air locks, but perseverance pays off and now the car happily idles at 90 degrees celcius with the fans cutting in and out to regulate temperature. The right hand rad fan never actually switched on during testing, which proves how effective the radiators actually are.

8th May
Got the engine running on 12 cylinders again, I had managed to switch two cables on DME 2, specifically the Anti-Theft and DME enable lines. This is both my fault and BMW's. Mine for not paying attention, and BMW for making the cables the same damned colour. Pictures of the exhaust system in the engine section under ancillaries. Also I have uploaded a short video of my engine running with my number two at the cars controls, you can download the video from the miscellaneous section here.

7th May
I now have the exhaust fully fitted now, with exception of the decorative tips. Unfortunately its a case of two steps forward, one step back. The engine is now running in limp home mode on only six cylinders. I need to borrow the Diagnostic computer again to locate the fault. Pictures of the exhaust to follow soon.

4th May
I received the final parts for the exhaust system at the stoneleigh show, and have been fiddling about getting everything to fit right. Pictures to follow soon.

1st May
Two new videos of Parallel Designs Miura V6 and Diablo V12 uploaded to the misc section, along with a couple of pictures from the Stoneleigh kit car show.

29th April
Stoneleigh weekend! The worlds largest kit car show. Pictures to follow.

28th April
Been away on business in Germany this week so no updates.

22nd April
Completed the mounting of the high level third brake light. Pictures in the rear engine cover section under body.

21st April
Major update. Completed the first AC Control panel today. Pictures in the electrical section.
Also began work on mounting the high level brake light onto the rear mini-wing above the rear window. I have used a combination of steel, araldite and fibreglass to make the 'box' that will enclose it.

20th April
Carried on working with the rear mini-wing.

19th April
For those of you wondering as to how progress with the AC control panel was going, I have an update. Picture in the electrical section.

18th April
Reworked one of the boot lid hinges to prevent rubbing as the cover is raised and lowered. Also dry fitted the mini wing that sits at the back of the car above the rear window. Pictures in the rear cover section under body.

17th April
Completed preliminary work on the engine cover. Pictures in the rear engine cover under the body section. Mounted the front latch and gas ram for the front boot, pictures in the front cover section under body.

16th April
Started work on headlight mounting, pictures in the headlight section under body. Also continued work on the rear engine cover.

15th April
Began work on dealing with the poor gaps around the rear engine cover.

14th April
Completed the glassing in of the front wings.

13th April
Still glassing in.

11th April
Its always the little jobs that take the longest amount of time. I fitted the latch for the rear engine cover and the receiver for it to the chassis rail. The latch is fitted using rivnuts and I bought a budget tool to fit them. Pictures to follow soon.

10th April
Still glassing in the front wings, but have not had much time to devote to the car as the weather has been good and have been working in the garden instead. Hope to do a little more tommorrow.

4th April
Continued glassing in the front wing today, about halfway through. I am not very good with fibreglass matting.

3rd April
Performed the fibreglass equivalent of tack welding the front wings to the boot liner. Once this has cured, I will remove the bumper and complete the fibreglassing all the way round.

2nd April
Not much progress today. Had a guy come over to look at the car with a view to painting it. Did a little work on the front bumper, its now bolted into place.

1st April
Bit of a disaster today. My dog bit the thumb off my right hand, this means I will have to complete the car using only my feet and remaining left hand...
On a lighter note, I managed to manhandle the exhaust cover into position using my feet. Pictures in the rear cover section under body. I also clamped up the front bumper in preparation to mount this tommorrow, pictures in the front bumper section under body. Also picked up the remaining rubber boot for the bumper mountings.

31st March
Picked up one of my rubber 'boots' today, the other should be in tommorrow. Mounted my newly constructed light surrounds in, pictures in the rear lights section under body. I also made up the mounting bar for the rear cover latch, exhaust mounts and began work on the exhaust cover. Pictures in the rear covers section under body.

30th March
Ordered two bumper rubbers from my local Ford dealership through Naz. I should be able to pick them up tommorrow. I also spent some time on the rear light surrounds, constructing the mounting brackets for the lights themselves and the entire surround. Pictures in the rear lights section under body.

29th March
Had to go and repair my mates digger today, So didnt make much progress on the car. I did however have to time to make some brackets to connect the chassis to the rear bumper brackets. Pictures in the rear bumper section under body.

28th March
The culmination of two days solid work is I now have the rear bumper fitted correctly. This was a far more time consuming job than I thought, but at least it is done, and doesnt look too bad either. Pictures in the rear bumper and rear valance sections under body.

27th March
Spent some more time on the rear valance. I dry fitted the rear bumper with this component fitted and it became apparent that the bowing problem is not just due to the gearbox. The problem is also due to the chassis protruding too much and forcing this component out of line. The net result is that the valance touched the rear bumper when there should be a gap. Pictures tommorrow showing my resolution to the problem.

26th March
My beloved has gone to New York for the week with my mother, so I am left at home on my own. Cool, should be able to get a fair amount done on the car this week.

25th March
Fitted the rear bumper in preperation to make the brackets up for the rear bumper. I need to modify the rear valance to suit, by cutting holes for the brackets and by also modifying the shape so that it does not touch the rear bumper. Hopefully this will also sort the problem out where the bottom part of the radiator grille apertures are out of shape. Pictures in the rear bumper section under body.

24th March
Fitted the front boot lid, and pulled the car out of the workshop to give it a blow down with the air line as all of the cutting and grinding of the body had left a nice thick blanket of dust over the car and my workshop. Dry fitted the rear bumper and it looks like I am going to need to do some more work to the rear valance to get everything to fit properly.

23rd March
Received some major components today! Six months after ordering them I finally received the exhaust system. I am still missing one link/down pipe and some bracketry, but I have two large boxes full of stainless steel tubes and bends. I should be able to assemble the exhaust next week when the brackets and extra pipes arrive.
I also dropped the front boot lid brackets to my buddy Danny, who will make the alterations required to make the hinges work. I had to fix his wheel balancer as payment.
Pictures to follow shortly.

21st March
Started work on the front boot lid. Pictures in the front cover section under body.

19th March
Completed the drivers side headlamp. Pictures in the electrical section. Also uploaded a picture of the mould and prototype front panel for the AC control panel.

18th March
Got a migraine today, so no work on the car.

17th March
Picked up some chrome effect paint to recover the projector bulb reflector as all the chrome had pretty much flaked off.

16th March
Got some paint from halfords which looks like it matches the colour inside the drivers side headlamp. Also made a mould of the parts required for the AC control panel. Pictures soon.

15th March
Finally got the masters for the plastic work on the AC control panel. These are generated using a sterolithography machine I recently purchased for work. The machine is hugely expensive but makes construction of prototypes using ABS plastic very easy.

14th March
Began work on the drivers side headlamp. I have previously completed the passenger side but had not got round to reconditioning this one yet. Externally it is much cleaner then the passenger side, but inside its much worse. The projector bulb has significant peeling of the paint around its housing which will need to be rectified. I have found that white spirit dissolves the glue and sealant much better than the other solvents I had been using up to this point.

13th March
Received my wing mirrors from the USA today. I would have bought the parallel ones, but the ones I got were cheaper, although they do require a little more work to get ready. Pictures in the doors section under body.

11th March
Completed the external work required on the body for the filler cap. Also rehung the drivers side door with the new hinge. I also moved the passenger side door pillar on the body as it was set 5mm out of line on the body compared to the drivers side. Pictures to follow.

9th March
Been away in the Czech Republic at a friends 30th birthday party, so have not had much time to work on the car. I got back into it today by begining work on the fuel filler cap. You can see the first steps in this process in the misc section under body.

1st March
More work on the drivers side wing. Looking pretty good now, Pictures in the wings section under body.

28th February
Carried on building up the drivers side wing edge to match the door. Pictures in the wings section under body.

27th February
Updated the body section as it was getting a little full and took a long time to load up. Also changed links site wide to suit. Try it out, feedback always appreciated. I also started work on the passenger side wing, trying to get that in to the correct shape. Pictures in the wings section.

26th February
Major progress. Hung the passenger side door today. Also removed the passenger side wing and bonded the new style wing in its place. Pictures in the wings section under body.

25th Feburary
Began to hand the passenger door and completed building up the shape I want for the inside of the door jamb on the drivers side. Also removed the passenger side wing and began work on fitting that. It looks like I may need to adjust a pillar on this side and apply a little heat to the new passenger side wing to get everything to line up nicely. Pictures to follow soon.

23rd February
Completed bonding the new front wing onto the drivers side, and began to fill the remaining gaps and voids with fibreglass bridging compound and body filler.

21st February
Uploaded a picture of the initial prototype of the AC Climate control panel I am working on powered up. Picture is in the electrical section.
Also began bonding the new wing into place. I hate fibreglassing with a passion. Its gloopy horrible stuff that get everywhere. Pics to follow.

20th February
Major progress today. I found my digital camera so loads of pictures in the wings section under body. The drivers side door is fitted and aligned and looks pretty good. Not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. Next step is to bond the new wing on, and move round to the passenger side.

19th February
Mounted the drivers side door and began work on mounting the new wing. Almost immediately discovered a minor problem with the hinge that will need rectifying at some point, the moving part is to close to the fixed part and is rubbing to the extent that its removing material. I managed to get it moving by worrying it backwards and forward in a vice, but this is obviously a less than ideal solution for the long term. Fiddled with the new wing and discovered I may have removed slightly too much material. I will look into this after speaking to Naz.

18th February
Bit the bullet and cut the drivers side wing off ready to accept the new wing. Scary stuff. I used an angle grinder to remove the majority of it. Also reworked the boot lid hinges a little to improve the fit, bonded down the rear window and shortened the drivers side gas ram to allow for the different mounting position on this side. Dry fitted the drivers side door again, things are starting to look pretty good here. Pictures, as always to follow shortly.

17th February
Carried on working on the boot lid today. Its a very fiddly job. Not helped by the fact the mounting plates on the newly supplied boot lid for the gas rams are in slightly different places. I will need to space one of the rams slightly to make them the same length and hence the lid parallel when its up.

16th February
Work is calming down now, so got an opportunity to start assembling the newly arrived engine cover. Managed to get one of the hinges fitted, hope to do the other tommorrow.

12th February
Not too much happened last week. I have been working on the software for the AC panels and this is almost finished. Still waiting for the replacement engine cover and door hinges.

2nd February
Completed construction of the first of three prototypes for the climate control panel. I will make the other two when I am sure I have dealt with all the major problems with this one. Pictures in the electrical section.

1st February
Naz has contacted me to replace the rear engine cover. No indication as to how long this will take. Fingers crossed it will be done with some speed.
Began assembley of the first three prototype climate control panels. Discovered an alignment issue with one of the inter-board connectors, but this is what prototypes are for, and it is easily fixed for the next revision. Pictures to follow soon.

30th January
Yet another problem. There is no metal in the engine cover, which means I cannot mount it. Pictures in the rear covers section under body.

29th January
Bonded the body down to the chassis today. I used a fair amount of clamps to hold everything in the right place as the epoxy dries. Pictures in the general section under body.

28th January
My mate Danny came round and welded the roll cage in today. This is a job which has got to be much easier with the body actually off. Whatever the material the rollbar is made of is nasty to weld using pure argon as a shielding gas.
Now it is secured in I can see exactly where I need to pull and push the body about for a correct fit. Unfortunately its too cold to bond the chassis and body tonight, so I will need to wait until tommorrow for this next major stage. Pictures to follow.

27th January
Received the Printed Circuit Boards for the AC control system. Pictures in the electrical section. They have arrived early so I dont have the components yet to actually begin assembly. Also figured out the cabling for the Fiat Coupe switch gear with regards to the windscreen wiper.

26th January
Rebuilt the windscreen wiper motor following instructions supplied by Parallel Designs. Pictures in the electrical section.

22nd January
Back from my trip away, but full of flu, my other mistress has banned from the workshop until I am feeling better.

17th January
Wired up some relays for the lights, as the new style steering column switches are not able to handle that much current on their own. Off away on business again tommorrow, so no updates until the 22nd at the earliest.

16th January
Fitted my modified rear valance today and it looks pretty good. Pictures in the rear valance section under body.

15th January
Started work proper on the body today, pictures in the general section under body.

14th January
Picked up supplies for starting work on the body.

13th January
No updates as I have been working on the AC climate control panel. The Plastic bezel is being designed now and I am trying to source cheaper components to bring the price down somewhat.
The roll cage arrived today along with a box of hinges and adhesive to bond the body to the chassis. Unfortunately, the door hinges were missing, and a part of the roll cage had gone astray during shipping. So I wont be bonding the body down this weekend. Still no exhaust, and no idea of when its going to arrive.

6th January
Spoke to Naz today, expressed my dissapointment of the fit of the drivers side door and worked out a possible method of correcting the problem. Completed the PCB designs for the AC control panel. These will be offered for sale through Naz at parallel. I am happy to answer questions on the control panel, but sales enquiries need to go to Parallel Designs now.

2nd January
Happy new year to all. Not many updates over the last week as I have been working on another aspect of my build. I have been prototyping a climate control panel to replace the god awful thing that comes with the Vintage Air A/C system. Pictures in the electrical section. Also dry fitted the drivers side door, pictures in the door section under body.

20th December
Installed the cabling to the AC compressor and trinary mode switch. Tidied up the cabling running down the centre console as it was starting to get a bit messy. Pictures in the electrical section.

19th December
Installed the VDO engine oil pressure sender unit and connected it to my gauges. Also ran cables to the Air-con compressor and bi-mode switch.

18th December
Installed my dummy dashboard and indicator panel into the car today. Need to wire up the drive signal for the rev counter and to fit the replacement oil pressure sender, all the dials will be functional then.

17th December
Made a dummy dashboard today to mount the gauges on so I can test them. After a little initial confusion with the speedo caused by my bench power supply, I got them all working OK. I can now continue with the instrument wiring.

15th December
Been a little bit manic recently, christmas shopping and work getting in the way. Have mounted the fuse box in the front boot area, and drilled and tapped one of the rear manifold caps to put a vacuum feed for the brake servo. Pictures as always to follow.

4th December
Got back from San Diego yesterday. Will talk to Naz about body problems on moday.
I have also completed a tutorial for getting the M70 engine's OEM ECU's to work in a kit car. You can download it here. Its in Adobe PDF format so you will need a reader to view it.

27th November
I am working in San Diego next week, no updates until I get back.

23rd November
Started to align the body today. What a mare! Nothing seems to line up and the only points of reference you actually have to begin from are the wheel to front arch clearance. After much pushing about, have decided to call it quits for tonight, think about it and have another crack tomorrow night.

22nd November
Received the bumper segments from Naz today. Also an oil pressure sender, not much use yet as I have not got the adapter for it yet.

21st November
Drilled and tapped the rear waterway link pipe to accept a new temperature sender unit.

20th November
Fiddled with the body a little more today. Cant actually fix anything down yet until I get the bumper sections from Naz to fit so I can align the body properly. There is still a number of other things to do yet. So I will continue on with those for the minute. Uploaded pictures of the bodywork onto the general section under body.

19th November
Dry fitted the body to the chassis today. It took four of us to lift it on to the chassis. It had sagged considerably during its time from Parallel Designs, and took a lot of effort to get it anywhere near the correct position. There are a few things left to complete and check before I can bond it in place.

14th November
Completed the mechanics of the gear shift assembly. Re tapped a hole on the rear water pipe linking the two heads to accept a VDO temperature sender. Also bled the clutch and checked its operation. Installed my new gear knob. Its not at the proper height yet, and I still have a shift gate to make, but it all looks pretty good. Pictures in the gearbox section. I will be away on business in Germany over the next few days, so no more updates till the weekend.

13th November
Removed the boot liner, ready for re-installing it correctly. Finished the gear shift assembly, dismantled it and primed it to allow for later painting.

12th November
Went to see Naz today in London to go through the body fitting procedure. Its worth making sure you follow his instructions implicitly if you want to get the doors to fit properly. Discovered that an anti-roll bar is now available, and my A/C system will foul it. Also that I have installed the front boot liner incorrectly. Moral of the story is not to assume anything!

11th November
Started work on a more robust shift assembly on the gearbox today. I want to get all the mechanical bits and pieces sorted before I fit the body.

10th November
Installed the fuse box into the front boot liner. Then installed the boot liner onto the chassis. Discovered that the box of terminals I have bought are too large to fit the fuse box receptacles. I need to get some smaller ones tomorrow. Did some more work on the gearbox shift shaft.

8th November
Bound the cables for the rear lights and secured them to the chassis. Also ran cables for the low coolant and fuel sender. Also installed a longer throw clutch slave push rod as the one supplied with the slave is too short, picture in the gearbox section. Also installed the ducting for the cabin ventilation, pictures in the interior section.

7th November
Ordered some more split ribbed plastic for wrapping cables in, ducting for the vents, and ran the cables for the indicators, rear lights and gearbox speed sender.

6th November
Cut the holes in the front bulkhead for the air-conditioning ducts. Also made an aluminium duct to run the air from the floor vents into the cabin. Installed the relays and cabling for the heater and air conditioning system. Tested these out with the nasty supplied control panel (Which I will be replacing), all the functions work fine.

5th November
Wired in the alternator circuit and and ran the main feeds from battery to the front of the car where the fuse box will go. Pictures of the battery box in the electrical section.

3rd November
Major progress today! Engine is running without any faults and firing on all twelve cylinders. Fault was due to a solder whisker piercing the insulation of a cable splice I had made.
Doors also arrived today, so I now have all the body components required to complete the car. Video of engine running to follow shortly.

2nd November
Both DME's are now operational with no error codes, unfortunately one of the DK motors has a fault which is preventing the engine from starting. More work required.

1st November
Mounted the main engine system relay box, fuse box and all three ECU's in there new homes. Completed the wiring to the accelerator pedal sensor and made a bracket to hold the gearshift cables away from the suggested mounting position as it did not provide enough movement to get full travel on the cables. Pictures of the fully wired engine bay and the location of the ECU's in the electrical section.

31st October
Spent the day reconnecting the remainder of the engine sensors. Tidied the cables in the engine bay.

29th October
Body has arrived! Along with the order I received one link pipe (the other requires work), the instruments, lights and switches. Pictures in the general section under body.

28th October
Completed all of the crank sensors, air mass sensors and DME motor wiring. The engine harness is now fully attached and I can start the process of feeding the cables to the ignition switch and fuses. Spoke with Naz today and my body and the other components I have ordered should arrive Saturday.

27th October
More wiring...

26th October
Finished wiring the ignition coils and began work on the air mass sensors, ignition pick ups and the crank shaft sensors. Also wired up the fuel pumps and checked their operation.

25th October
Still wiring. Mounted the ignition coils and cut some more holes in the bulkhead to pass the cables through correctly. Starting to get a handle on the remaining connections now.

24th October
Got the loom extended now and have the ECU's temporarily positioned. I need to complete the fuse box side of the engine loom and the connections to the airflow meters and ignition coils.

23rd October
Public Service Announcement
Anyone thinking of placing an advert, or renewing their subscription with KitCar magazine are urged to read this thread on the forum.;act=ST;f=12;t=802

22nd & 23rd October
Carried on working on the wiring loom.

20th October
Measured out the high current battery cables and took the measurements to my local auto electrician to have them made up. I am using heavier cables than the original installation, and am also installing a remote charging socket as the battery is difficult to get to.

18th October
Got my battery from Danny today. Its the biggest size that would fit the battery tray supplied by Parallel. The battery is a 700 Cold Cranking Amp, zero maintenance battery using 'Calcium/Calcium' technology, whatever that is.

17th October
Family matters meant little progress on the car. Managed to begin work on the wiring loom. This is going to be a long job, so updates might be a little long in coming.

15th October
Installed the second set of manifolds today. Managed to cross thread one bolt, spent a significant amount of time putting that right. I hate when a seemingly quick job goes bad.

13th October
Installed the first bank of exhaust manifolds tonight on the air-con pump side. Pictures in the Ancillaries section. Also completed the throttle potentiometer installation, picture in the electrical section. You can also see images of my fuel pump installation there.

10th October
Finished the fuel pump brackets and run the hoses from the pumps to the engine. Started work on fitting the manifolds but it looks like I don't have enough bolts to complete it so I have ordered some more.

6th October
Got back from the states today. Naz has delivered my exhaust manifolds as promised, and they look beautiful. Highly polished stainless steel really does look the biz. Pictures under Engine -> Ancillaries
Also picked up a Murcielago radio controlled car from a petrol station on the way back from the airport, Pretty good quality for sixteen quid. Picture here on this page.

25th September
Did some more work on the electrical system. I need to get some two core plus screen cable to extend the loom back to the passenger compartment. Unfortunately I will be out of the country for a week and a half so no more progress until I get back.

24th September
Began work on the original BMW cable loom, removing the insulation tape and rubber. I also began the laborious process of extending the cables to place the three ECU's into the passenger compartment. Details in the electrical and engine ancillaries section.

23rd September
Goods news, Parallel are shipping my exhaust manifold today. I also ordered my remaining lights, electrical components and the body! Expensive month.

22nd September
Installed the throttle extenders and also installed the intake air temperature senders. I also started a job I have been meaning to do in some time. I got the old loom out of storage and started reconnecting it up to the engine. Pictures to follow shortly.

20th September
Got the components back from my local engineering firm for the throttle body extension pipes. I spent some time welding the components together. I also reinstalled the clutch and gearbox today.

19th September
Received the clutch friction plate back from parallel today. Had to spend the evening repairing my Nan's washing machine instead of working on my car.

15th September
Received the lights today in the post. The reflectors are nice and clean, although someone has gone to the trouble of installing shiny metal foil over the insides of the lamps. I split one of the clusters and spent an evening removing the foil and the sticky goo used to attach it from one of the lamps.

13th September
Sent the clutch plate away for rework. Started work on the accelerator assembly.

11th September
Removed the gearbox to get to the clutch friction plate. I need to send this component back to Parallel so it can be reworked. Cleaned my workshop up as well because it was starting to get a little dirty with all the grinding and welding I have been doing of late in there.

10th February
Made a small tapped portion of bar which I attached to the top of the gear knob shifter assembly. I also put a matching thread on the actual shift rod So that it can be screwed and unscrewed easily. This is the sort of thing that I feel Parallel should have supplied, Given the cost of the components, it would make sense for them to do these two simple jobs. Given the tools I had available, I was able to do it in about half an hour, But I should think this sort of thing would be a major inconvenience if you do not have access to a lathe.

9th February
Got a set of Nissan 300zx headlights from ebay with the essential 'E' mark for the SVA. Paid £140 which is a damned sight cheaper than anywhere else. The diablo with fixed headlights uses the same headlights as the Nissan 300zx Fairlady. Although Lamborghini uses an eyebrow of carbon fibre to cover over the Nissan badge.

6th September
Completed fabricating the second bracket. This now gives me a forward and backward motion in the correct direction to provide me a standard shift pattern at the gear stick. It looks a little bit heath robinson at the moment, and will require a little bit of tidying up. Good news being that I can now select gears!
Spoke to Naz today who informs me I should be receiving the exhaust system including the manifolds in the next couple of weeks. He also informed me testing of his BMW test chassis revealed a problem with the clutch friction plate. I need to remove the clutch and send it back to him for modification. This means I need to remove the gearbox again, which is a pain to say the least.

5th September
Started welding up the second lever arrangement to perform the push-pull operation on the gear selector shaft. This is a complicated part so I do not anticipate finishing it until later on this week.

4th September
Completed half of the gear selector assembly. Now when you move the gear stick left and right, it rotates the gear selector shaft in the relevant directions. Also completed prototyping the mounting brackets for the selector assembly. I will upload pictures tomorrow.

3rd September
I spent today making parts for the gear shifter assembly today. The lathes and milling machines I use are for prototyping small components, so parts of this size are a little keen for it. I stuck at it and now have a selector shaft.

2nd September
Well my internet is back up again. I have been working overseas for the last few weeks and it looks like I will be away at the end of september and most of november, so updates once again will not be at the same rate as before. I will be working on the gear shifter assembly this weekend, so hopefully I will have some pictures up by sunday.

9th August 2005
My internet at home is off-line for the minute, so there is not likely to be any updates for at least a week. Rest assured that I am still continuing the build, and for those of you using the site as a build manual, please don't email complaining, I will post updates and pictures as soon as I can. I am working on the gear-shift assembly at present, pictures, as always, to follow.

2nd August 2005
Fitted one of the two drive shafts, but was only able to install the two prop-shaft adapters on the other side as the kit parallel supplied, did not have enough bolts in it.

1st August 2005
Replaced two of the adjusters on the rear suspension arms. They had been installed by parallel, but whoever had done it had used mole grips to tighten them and chewed up the ends. Naz agreed to replace them, so problem solved.

31st July 2005
Installed the oil-filter housing, oil cooler and associated pipe work. With these components in place I was able to run a basic compression check, and ensure that the oil pressure came up. Pictures in the engine section.

30th July 2005
Reworked the engine coolant pipes to accommodate the other engine components. They route differently to the arrangement on Rover V8 powered replicas, mainly due to the downward angle that the water pump inlet and outlets are arranged at.

29th July 2005
Work has been pretty hectic recently, so little opportunity to work on the car. Began working on the fuel pump assembly. It needs to fit in quite a small space between the fuel tank and engine underneath the passenger side engine mount. I made two brackets to hold it, but one is too wide and so it needs some rework.

24th July 2005
Despite a few interruptions, I managed to adjust the inside of the bell housing so that the clutch was able to rotate freely. I also mated the engine to the gearbox, and installed the pair into the chassis, freeing up lots of valuable floor space! Pictures in the chassis section.

23rd July 2005
Spent most of the day adjusting the starter motor aperture on the gearbox adapter as it wasn't big enough for my particular starter motor. Also installed the custom flywheel and clutch components. Pictures in the gearbox section.

22nd July 2005
Installed the flywheel and attempted to install the clutch. However the gearbox adapter plate has a problem with regards to the starter motor.Not sure if its my starter motor location or type that's causing the problem, but basically I need to relieve some metal from the adapter plate before I can assemble the rest of the components. Pictures in the engine Ancillaries section.

21st July 2005
Ran the hydraulic line for the clutch. I also fitted the replacement manifold to the air conditioning compressor. This is much easier to do at this stage than later on when the engine is installed. I also fitted a new clutch release bearing. You ought to do this even if you are not sure your old one is damaged. The cost of this part is trivial compared to the time and effort required to change it three months later. Be aware that the engine adapter and clutch does not come with any bolts or a release bearing, you will have to source these yourself.

19th July 2005
Received all of the final components bar the exhaust system. I will soon be able to begin installing the engine and gearbox. There are a few jobs left to complete before this can happen.

18th July 2005
Received my 12 circuit fuse box from NF Auto Development. I can save myself significant money running the cables myself than buying a ready made loom. Because a significant chunk of my wiring comes from the donor BMW, it makes sense to adapt that than buy another loom and hack that apart to suit.

12th July 2005
Got a phone call today from Naz, that the rest of my parts bar my clutch are ready. They should be delivered in the next few days. This means I can finish running my clutch lines and heater hoses. Once this is done, I can locate the engine and begin fitting the engine management computers and sorting out the electrics.

11th July 2005
Bonded the bulkhead panels to the chassis today using Tiger-Seal. I was fairly generous with its application and managed to go through almost an entire tube completing this job. Buy the tubes as you need them as they have a very limited shelf life.

10th July 2005
I have managed to make significant progress today. I have run the air conditioning pipes, fitted the air-con drier, battery tray and also dry-fitted the front bulkhead fibre glass panels. Details and pictures as always in the chassis section.

8th July 2005
Installed the evaporator/heater box into the space between the steering rack and the front bulkhead. I used some 3mm aluminium sheet cut into strips and bent up at the relevant angles. It takes a little amount of fiddling about to get the brackets in the right place, but its worth taking the time to secure it right because it will be a bitch to get to once the body is fitted. Pictures in the chassis section.

1st July 2005
Installed the air conditioning radiator today. I fabricated brackets from stainless steel angle bar, and secured the brackets to the chassis with some wurth self tapping screws. The placement of this radiator is critical because if it is too high, it will foul the body. Too low and it will be difficult to remove the oil filter from the remote housing. As it happens, it looks like I have a different type of oil filter housing to that normally found in these type of replicas. Mine is quite a bit taller, so I will have this problem whatever. Some more clever bracketry may be required. Pictures to follow soon.

29th June 2005
Completed running the vacuum hose from the front brake servo to the engine compartment. Also torqued the crankshaft bolt which holds the vibrational damper on the engine. I have only done it now as I had to search around and find someone who could lend me a torque wrench that would go up to the massive torque required. This bolt needs to be tightened to 440 Nm, the wrench I used was six feet long! Pictures to follow soon.

27th June 2005
Ran the rear brake pipes this evening. I had a total of three inches remaining from the reel supplied by parallel designs. I did however run out of p-clips, so I will need to order some more before I finish the clutch and vacuum lines. More details in the chassis section.

26th June 2005
Cant believe its been three weeks since I touched the car last. I had been out of the country for two weeks and other things just seemed to keep on getting in the way of me doing any work on the car. Still back at it today, I fitted the brake pipes to the front wheels, and will complete the rear wheels later on in the week. Updates to the chassis section. Had a head scratching session today with the air con unit, mine does not seem to fit..

5th June 2005
Hard at it today. Fitted the radiators, cooling pipes, pedal boxes, clutch master, brake master and servo. Pictures in the relevant sections.

4th June 2005
Been a bit quiet recently. Busy with work amongst other things. Although I had the chassis delivered, I could not really do a lot as I didn't have any of the 'joining bits'. Well I took a trip down to South London today to pick up the cooling, air con, brake, engine mounts, gearbox mounts and pedal box components. I am still missing my clutch, gear shifter assembly, drive shafts and air con compressor manifold. I also dropped my oil lines off for Naz to modify so that I can use an oil cooler as the oil receives no direct ventilation in the diablo as it would in the original donor vehicle.

24th May 2005
Transported my engine back from Danny's workshop today with the help of a trailer I borrowed from my friend Terry. It bounced around a bit but I secured it with plenty of straps to stop it falling off.

21st May 2005
Removed the engine from the engine stand and fabricated a wooden cradle to transport it back to my workshop. Also figured out a way to drive the alternator using only the original BMW idler rather than having to make a replacement pulley arrangement for the power steering pump. Pictures to follow shortly.

17th May 2005
More good news. Today I sold my Chrysler grand voyager, freeing up some more cash for diablo bits and pieces.

14th May 2005
Woohoo! Chassis arrived today. Delivered by a very nice man, although a little bit earlier in the day than Naz at PD had mentioned (8:30am rather than 10am), but otherwise made up. After much chin rubbing, grunting and straining, realized that the handbrake was still on, at which point wheeling it into the workshop became a rather much easier affair... Pictures in the workshop and chassis section.

12th May 2005
Good news! My chassis will be delivered on saturday. The clutch will arrive later but at least I can make a start on fitting the engine.

7th May 2005
Fitted the inlet manifolds to the engine. Also test fitted the throttle bodies but have encountered a minor problem. The oil filler pipe fouls the throttle motors. I will need to fabricate spacers or to see if the air boxes will fit close to the bulkhead. I have fitted the throttle motors temporarily. Pictures in the engine section.

6th May 2005
Completed the inlet manifolds today. Pictures in the misc section under body. Practical reasons forced me to finish the manifolds in the way that I have, mainly I could not get our CNC machine to fabricate a plate of the dimensions required.
Also reorganized the engine section as it was getting too big and cumbersome all in one page.

1st May 2005
Attended the Stoneleigh kit car show today. Met with Naz from Parallel designs and after some discussion, ordered my chassis! Also met some of the boys from Pictures of diablo's and the stands from the show can be seen in the miscellaneous section.

25th April 2005
I brought the gearbox home from Danny's garage today and wheeled it into the workshop at home in a wheel barrow.

23rd April 2005
Bead blasted the gearbox today. It looks brand new now. Pictures to follow as I left my camera at work. Updated the gearbox page with data supplied by Neil, Thanks mate!

22nd April 2005
I've reached the end of my tether trying to clean the inlet manifolds. The manifolds are stained and no chemical treatment or amount of sand blasting seems to shift it. So I have decided to simply paint them. They will not look as I intended, I will need to rethink the lamborghini logo I intend to use.

21st April 2005
We had a new, much larger bead blaster arrive at work. I was able to give the inlet manifolds a thorough cleaning. I will need to make sure I remove all traces of glass beads before reinstalling them, as I don't want any debris getting into the combustion chambers.
Also added a gearbox section as the engine page is large enough already. Also updated the gearbox ratio's under the resources page as I got more accurate figures today.

16th April 2005
Cleaned all the grime from the gearbox, but could not find and method of removing the staining and corrosion from the box. Also calculated the gearbox ratios which are in the resource section.

14th April 2005
Not much has happened last week, so updates have been a little less regular than usual. My gearbox arrived today, I need to give it a damned good clean because its pretty dirty. Details in the engine section.

12th April 2005
Cleaned the air conditioning pump. I thought it was painted black, it turned out it was just really dirty. Pictures in the engine section.

5th April 2005
I completed the rest of the engine work today. The sump, oil pump and alternator as well as drive belt tensioners, crank position sensors and pulleys have all now been installed. I also cleaned up the injectors, more on this in the electrical section.

4th April 2005
Took the day off work today and made major progress. The engine is mostly assembled. There are a few jobs remaining, including fitting the oil and water pumps, but everything else is complete. Check the engine section for details.

2nd April 2005
Installed the first cylinder head and the sump. Also replaced the big-end bearing shells. The sump pan must be re-installed to fit the timing pin which locks the flywheel.

1st April 2005
Manufactured a tool to lock the flywheel in the correct position. This is required to install the heads and timing chain correctly.

31 March 2005
Took measurements for the engine timing pin which I will make tomorrow at work. Also dropped off the cleaned engine components at the workshop so that I am ready for the weekend. Also updated the web site to include engine torque settings which can be found here

29 March 2005
Big end shells arrived from germany today. Comparison with the original items indicate I have got the right thing.

26 March 2005
Cleaned the heads mating surfaces and finished making the second timing clamp. I can now refit the heads as soon as the big end bearing shells arrive.

21 March 2005
I have ordered the replacement bearing shells. These are coming from germany and should be here in seven to ten days.

20 March 2005
Finished the design for the inlet manifold covers. You can download the design for these from the resources section.

19 March 2005
Cleaned all the pistons up and installed the new rings. I had a good chance to investigate the bottom end and have decided to order a set of shells for the con rods. Some of the shells had inclusions in the metal and two had significant wear on the surface, enough to warrant replacement. The crankshaft itself is mirror finish so I am just going to put new standard size shells in. Forgot my camera so no new pics today.

18 March 2005
The guy who was going to buy my chrysler voyager decided to start messing me about today. Wanted to take the vehicle and pay me next week! So its going on ebay in the next few days. Looks like I will have to wait a bit before ordering my chassis. Almost finished the inlet manifold cover plates. Check back later in the week for details.

16 March 2005
Reassembled the alternator. Dropped the inlet manifolds off at my local engineering company to have the BMW logo milled off of them. I will make new plates which will bolt to the manifolds with the lamborghini logo on them.

15 March 2005
Painted the laminate plates around the field winding on the alternator today. I painted it yellow because that's the colour the car is going. Also checked the modified clamp and it worked perfectly.

14 March 2005
Sandblasted the alternator housings today at work. But forgot to bring them home. Manufactured a cam shaft locking tool. A few minor modifications are required but it seems to work alright. Two of these are required to hold both camshafts while tensioning the timing chain. I will make the second one when the first one fits perfectly. You can download the mechanical diagram for this component in the resource section.

13 March 2005
Dismantled the alternator today, and put the bits in the dish washer. I thought the alternator was pretty clean when I pulled the engine out, I have since changed my mind. Brushes on the alternator look pretty worn, but they should be OK for the time being. While removing the front pulley from the alternator, I managed to damage it. Be very careful with this part as it is very soft aluminium. If you damage it, the belt which runs on this pulley will be knackered in no time. Looks like I will need to buy a replacement.

12 March 2005
Completed the right hand bank cylinder head. The inlet valves required very little re grinding, but the exhaust valves required a lot more elbow grease. Just waiting for the piston rings before putting it all back together. Dismantled the alternator for cleaning.

11 March 2005
Sandblasted the alternator mounting bracket today. I pushed blu-tak into the oil ports to stop the sand damaging the seals here, and used sellotape to mask off the oil feed mounting plates. This item was particularly filthy and took a lot of cleaning. I was hoping to machine a camshaft locking tool today, but ran out of time at work.

10 March 2005
Measured up the head for a camshaft locking tool. You will need two of these to correctly time the engine as well as a crankshaft locking pin. I have drawn up some of the tools using a CAD program, and will post the design just as soon as I am sure it will work.

8 March 2005
Dismantled and cleaned the water pump, alternator and AC compressor idlers and tensioners. The idlers could probably do with replacing as they seem to be a little noisy. The bearings are sealed and I am going to investigate the possibility of re greasing them in some way as they are very expensive to replace.

6 March 2005
Cleaned and repainted the valve covers and engine sump. They look much better now. These are the only parts of the engine that I will be repainting as I want to keep the engine looking as a production engine would look. I chose silver for these parts as this was the colour they were originally. The colour is not a close match, but the old paint was heavily stained and discolored anyway, so who knows, it might be pretty close.

5 March 2005
Overhauled the left hand bank cylinder head. This involves stripping the camshaft out, de-coke the valves, fit new oil stem seals and regrind the valves back into their seats.

1 March 2005
Ordered a water pump, head gaskets and piston rings. The water pump is ordered on an exchange basis from BMW. You get some of your money back when you take in your old pump.

26 Feb 2005
Finished overhauling the DK Motors today. I now have a pair of shiny DKM's that are in perfect working order. The difference in operating force is noticeable, and the motors spring back quickly and without hesitation. I also completed cleaning the engine block and heads down at Danny's yard. I brought a whole load of stuff back home for cleaning.

25 Feb 2005
Began overhauling the DK Motors. These are basically very large servo motors, and are extremely expensive to replace. Overhauling these is simple and an evenings work, details in the electrical section.

24 Feb. 2005
Ordered the engine gasket set from BMW today. After much ringing around for various prices ranging from the astronomic to the outrageous, the cheapest price I got was from BMW themselves. The price for the set was £211 and some pence, half the price of pattern parts. The set excludes the intake manifold rubber gaskets and the head gaskets themselves.

23 Feb. 2005
A BMW specialist picked up the stripped body shell of my donor car today. There was much grumbling about the car from the guy picking it up about it having nothing worth selling on it, I pointed out it had a fully functional automatic gearbox and leather interior. Cash changed hands and it was gone. I had stripped it fairly well with the intention of recovering some of the cost of the car via ebay. I was in two minds about keeping the alloy wheels from the BMW as they would provide a nice temporary way of moving the car around, but Danny has a nice set of illegal tyres on 5x120mm steel wheels he has given me so this has solved that problem.

21 Feb. 2005
Left the timing case covers and associated components soaking in diesel/petrol mix for the week. This should help remove the hard oil deposits and mean that less aggressive cleaning methods can be employed by the weekend. I will use my kärcher pressure washer to remove all the stubborn crud from the hard to reach places. I tested some alloy wheel cleaner on the outside of the block, and it came up like new. I want to make the engine look factory. I don't like painted blocks, they look good for a while up until the paint starts to flake off.

19 Feb 2005
Removed the heads from the engine and began cleaning the block. The bores showed no wear whatsoever. One bore has what appears to be a black score mark, but this cylinder tested fine for compression. I cant feel it with my fingernail, so its probably just discoloration. The thing is I don't remember it being there when I removed the cylinder head originally. The black gunk was restricted to the interior of the timing cover only, so cleaning shouldn't take too long. Photos to follow shortly in the engine section.

12 Feb 2005
Removed the throttle potentiometer and the fuel pumps from the donor car. The throttle pot is an absolute mare to remove, with the aid of careful persuasion from a crowbar, I was able to remove it without any damage. It looks to me that most of the steering column would need to be removed to do it 'by the book'.

11 Feb 2005
Hoisted the engine clear of the donor car today and got it mounted on the engine stand. Its a very heavy engine for the stand I have bought, so I have to be careful wheeling it around, lest it topple over. All of the engine cleaning work that needs to be done will be completed at Danny's workshop so I can wheel a fully dressed and ready to fit engine into my workshop.

10 Feb 2005
Took the next two days off work to remove the engine and other bits from the BMW. Danny has kindly provided me with a bay in his workshop, and use of his extensive tool chest. Began today by removing all the ancillaries from the engine and carefully disconnecting the engine wiring from the rest of the car.

6 Feb 2005
Put the final coat on the workshop floor. I used quite a bit of paint doing it, might be a bit thick in places. The tin says two days before it is safe to walk on, I will allow till thursday before trying it out. I have organized with Danny, and I will be taking the BMW up to his garage on thursday to remove the engine, ready for cleaning up and overhaul. My Dad has also dropped around some spare strip lights I can install if I need more light.
I have updated the engine section with some general information concerning the BMW M70 V12.

3 Feb 2005
Painted the other half of the workshop floor. By the weekend, I should be able to complete the second and final coat. The provides a water and oil proof layer which should make clearing up an awful lot easier. The effort taken prior to this is starting to show through now, I have a very flat workshop floor which should be quite easy to use things like trolley jacks etc on. I also picked up a wooden desk from work which was being thrown out. It was a fake leather top which is nice and easy to clean down, and under drawers for storing bits and pieces in.

2 Feb 2005
Moved all the junk from the unpainted half of the workshop out. Also installed a fold away work bench which I can put my Mac tools toolbox on.

31 Jan 2005
Painted the edges and one half of the workshop floor with the first coat of epoxy floor paint. It dries to walk on in two days, and is solid in five. Its touch dry within about 6 hours. I would have painted more, but I had quite a lot of junk to move out to another shed before I could do the other half.

30 Jan 2005
Sealed the workshop floor with a mix of 5 parts water to 1 part PVA. Stops all sorts of problems with the top layer of cement dusting, and provides a good key for the epoxy paint to adhere to.

23 Jan 2005
Felt is all placed correctly now, thanks to Gary, and the trims have been added. These make it look nice and stop the wind getting up underneath the felt and lifting it again. Externally its almost complete now.

19 Jan 2005
Went out into the garden today and saw some of the felt flapping about in the wind. Nailed it down temporarily until sunday when Gary will be coming again to help me finish it off. I will need to replace a section and finish the edges off to stop this from happening again. Started doing the schematics for the engine management systems.

16 Jan 2005
Finished painting the workshop walls. I have painted them white to keep the dust from the cement blocks and mortar down to a minimum. Also white walls reflect light better. The floors will be sealed to also stop them generating dust. I have not yet decided on a finish for the floor yet.

15 Jan 2005
Started fiddling with the on-board computers. I was worried that the engine management system would place the engine into limp-home mode if any of the other computers were disconnected. All of the computers are linked, and as I am only using the three engine computers, I needed to make sure they worked with all the other stuff disconnected. The good news is the engine runs fine without the ABS & Traction control computer disconnected, with no engine management errors. Now I need to remove the transmission control computer to confirm my belief that it is possible to reuse the engine management system rather than having to buy a third party system. A full schematic of the proposed system will be forthcoming soon.

12 Jan 2005
Picked up the first major component of the car, the engine donor. The car is a 1990 BMW 750iL. I wanted to buy a complete car so that I could hear the engine running. You can see some pictures of the car under 'Donor Car'. There seems to be no major faults with car, it still has tax and MOT remaining. I was therefore able to drive it from Peterborough to my home, a distance of some 100 miles with no problems whatsoever.

2 Jan 2005
Almost finished my workshop now. Felted the roof with a friends help (Cheers Gary), all that needs to happen now is for me to seal the concrete floor, paint the walls and to trim the outside felting so that it looks nice. Photos of current progress are available here